At BeHeard Movement, we understand that sponsors are the heartbeat of our organization, driving the impactful work we do. Each trailer generously donated has made an enormous difference in the lives of over 4,000 individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Think about the impact your support could make! Imagine if we hadn’t received the generosity that brought our shower trailer to life. Countless people would still lack access to showers, laundry services, haircuts, clothing, case management, and housing assistance. Your support isn’t just a contribution; it’s a lifeline to dignity, and it plays a crucial role in our mission to end homelessness.

We offer sponsorship opportunities at various levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. By becoming a sponsor, you have the chance to have your logo or name proudly displayed on our trailers, showcasing your commitment to making a difference.

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor and making a meaningful impact, please reach out to us. Your support is vital in helping us continue our work and change lives for the better. Thank you for being a part of the BeHeard Movement!


• Be a Neighbor’s Shower Sponsor:
For just $10 a month, you can sponsor 1 shower for your neighbor experiencing homelessness.
• Be an ally:
A gift of $25 provides 2 showers and 1 load of laundry.
• Be a friend:
A donation of $75 offers 6 showers and 3 loads of laundry.
• Be a game-changer:
A generous gift of $150 provides 11 showers, 6 loads of laundry, and more.
• Be a Hero:
With a $500 donation, you offer 40 showers, 15 loads of laundry, 4 haircuts, and even a day of lunch.
• Be a Champion:
Your $1,000 gift covers 50 showers, 3 case management sessions, 10 haircuts, 25 loads of laundry, and 2 days of pizza for our outreach efforts.
• Be an impact increaser:
A donation of $4,100 takes care of all shower and laundry costs for an entire month, making a lasting impact.

Help your unhoused neighbor today!