Our Outreach Fleet

Introducing Our Outreach Fleet:

1. Mobile Shower Trailer:

Our mobile shower trailer is a game-changer for those experiencing homelessness. Each private shower is a safe haven, complete with locking doors, hot and cold water, and the comfort of air conditioning and heating. What sets us apart is the uplifting ambiance – our showers feature inspiring paintings and motivational quotes. Plus, each shower is meticulously cleaned and sanitized for the next person, ensuring a hygienic and dignified experience.

2. Mobile Laundry Trailer:

Clean clothes are not just a luxury but a source of confidence and well-being. Our mobile laundry trailer boasts up to four washers and dryers, allowing guests to do their laundry efficiently. This not only preserves donated clothing, reducing costs, and environmental impact, but also helps prevent health-related issues. The trailer also houses a phone charging station and an outdoor TV for our guests to enjoy their favorite shows while they wait.

3. Barbershop Bus:

A fresh haircut can do wonders for one’s self-esteem. Our BarbershopBus provides a unique space for guests experiencing homelessness to receive professional haircuts and styling. With two haircutting stations, a shampoo bowl, and ADA accessibility, it’s a welcoming environment for both guests and our skilled stylists. Plus, its equipped with climate control for year-round comfort.

4. Mobile Clothing Trailer:

Dignity is at the heart of our mobile clothing trailer. Unlike traditional clothing distributions, guests can step inside and shop for clothing, just like in a store. Our lifeline is clothing donations, which allow us to offer a wide variety of options for our guests. This improved experience enhances dignity and choice, reinforcing our commitment to treating everyone with respect and care.

5. Supporting Fleet:

Behind the scenes, our two trucks and van play a crucial role in transporting our trailers, and clients, and picking up essential donations. They are the logistical backbone of our operations, ensuring we reach those in need and deliver vital services effectively.

At BeHeard Movement, our outreach vehicles are more than just vehicles; they are lifelines, offering essential services and a sense of dignity to those experiencing homelessness. Together, we’re making a meaningful impact, one vehicle at a time.

Help your unhoused neighbor today!