About Our Outreach

At BeHeard Movement, our approach to outreach is grounded in innovation and a deep commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Our journey began when we discovered that individuals in East Tulsa were going without showers for up to three months. With the nearest shelter and shower facility being a 4-5 hour walk away, we knew there was a vital need for accessible services right here in our community.

Why We Do It

Our “why” is simple yet profound: we believe in increasing access to basic needs and resources for everyone in our community, regardless of their circumstances. We understand that a warm shower, clean clothes, a fresh haircut, and compassionate case management can make a world of difference in a person’s life. It’s not just about addressing physical needs; it’s about restoring dignity and hope.

How We Make an Impact

Through our mobile drop-in center, we offer a range of services that include a mobile shower trailer, laundry facilities, a clothing trailer, a barbershop bus, and a dedicated case management team. Each day, we serve between 65-90 individuals in East Tulsa, providing them with essential resources that empower them to take steps toward a better future.

We’ve witnessed incredible transformations, with guests who hadn’t showered in three months now moving into their own homes and returning as volunteers to pay it forward. Our Circle of Care model, which has organically developed through collaboration with community partners, amplifies the impact of our work.

It all begins with a simple shower, but the ripples of positive change that flow from that moment are immeasurable.

Help your unhoused neighbor today!